Woman Charged With Killing 8 cats, Starving 7 dogs

A Raleigh, North Carolina, woman has been charged with killing and starving animals to death. Brigette Baldwin, 24, faced a judge for the first time on Friday afternoon on eight counts of killing animals by starvation and seven counts of animal cruelty.

She wiped away tears as a prosecutor described the scene found at an apartment from which Baldwin was evicted. There were ten animals inside with no food or water. There were four cats locked in a separate room. All had died in that apartment. Authorities said they found four dead cats and a starving dog in a crate.

The judge told Baldwin that if she posted bond and got out of jail, she would have to have a mental evaluation and could not have any animals.

Source: Raleigh woman facing charges, accused of killing 8 cats, starving 7 dogs

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