Teacher Says he was Banned From Missouri School After Thanking Students for Standing for the Pledge of Allegiance

A longtime high school substitute teacher in St. Louis, Missouri, has been banned from Parkway South High School after thanking those that stood for the Pledge.

Jim Furkin, 66, says he was banned after he made the statement after the recitation of the Pledge during a class.

“The PA announcer says please rise for the pledge of allegiance,” Furkin said, “I say ‘let’s go’. The kids get up, 24 kids in class and 22 got up. I say, ‘thank you very much, all of you that participated. I appreciate that. I’m sure all of those families that lost loved ones so we could have the freedoms we have today would appreciate that, too.'”

After the incident, officials told him that he could no longer fill in at the school due to a complaint filed by one of the two students that did not stand for the Pledge in his class.

However, in a letter sent to parents, the school says that that singular incident was not the only reason Furkin was banned:

“The employee was previously restricted from another Parkway high school for recording video of students without their permission in class. In addition, he violated appropriate teacher-to-student interactions by sharing his personal contact information with students at South High. Based on previous concerns from staff and students, the principal of South High addressed these matters with the substitute teacher. The substitute was coached and reminded of his professional obligations.”

Source: Teacher banned after student’s Pledge of Allegiance bullying complaint | FOX2now.com

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