UPS Driver Arrested After Admitting to Drinking Whiskey on the Job

A Louisville, Kentucky, UPS truck driver is charged with DUI and careless driving after he admitted to drinking on the job.

According to an arrest report, an employee of an elementary school called police Monday when the “regular” UPS driver, Matthew Caskey, showed up smelling of alcohol. Officers searched the truck and found nothing, but after the officer left the scene, he saw a UPS truck speeding and almost hitting the curb. Caskey was pulled over. The officer noticed Caskey slurring his speech.

Caskey admitted to the officer that he had a “half pint of whiskey” that day, according to the arrest report. He told the officer he’s an alcoholic and that he was worried about losing his job and keeping insurance for his 11-year-old daughter.

Source: UPS delivery driver arrested, accused of drinking on job

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