Tinder Date Gone Wrong Leads to Home Invasion, Police Chase in Florida

A fake Tinder date led to a home invasion and subsequent police chase late last night in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

The victim had arranged for a woman he met on the dating app Tinder to come to his home late Friday night. However, when he answered the door, a male subject appeared and pointed a gun at him. From there, he demanded the victim’s bank account information while he stole various items from around the house.

The victim was also tied up to his bed and gagged, so he was unable to call for help. The suspects were identified as Michael Eric Wheeler, 26, and Lexus Joshlin Tripplett, 20, who were quickly located. The 2 attempted to flee in a vehicle, but police were able to pin the car against several trees.

Source: Tinder date leads to home invasion, police chase in Florida, deputies say | WJAX-TV

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