Man Fights off Mother Bear by Punching it in the Nose During Attack

A North Carolina man managed to escape with only some scrapes after he fought off a mother black bear by punching her in the nose.

Sonny Pumphrey was reportedly in his driveway when a mother bear and her 2 cubs approached him. The cubs ran away but the bear allegedly reared up and attacked him. As she approached, he says he punched her in the nose, leading to her biting his hip.

Pumphrey continued to beat down on the top of her head and nose, until she got a hold of him and knocked him across the driveway. At this point, his wife hears the commotion and runs out with their pet dog. The yelling and barking combined with Pumprhey’s screams were enough to spook the bear, who ran off.

Pumphrey is expected to be fine, but will need to undergo a series of rabies shots as a precaution.

Source: NC man punches bear in nose during attack |

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