Breaking News and Developing Stories – November 10, 2018 

NBA Teams Make Statement on Thousand Oaks Shooting

Players on the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers wore black pregame warm-ups with the word “Enough.” on the front and the names of the victims of the Thousand Oaks shooting on the back – Bleacher Report


Death Count Continuing to Rise in Camp Fire

At least 9 people have died in the Camp Fire, with law enforcement officials believing the number will continue to rise – KXTV

Florida Recount Ordered

The Florida Secretary of State has ordered a recount in both the Senate and Governor races – AP

Florida will have a statewide machine recount with results due no later than November 15th – NBC News

Democrat Andrew Gillum has withdrawn his concession ahead of the Florida recount – AP

Continuing Coverage of Woolsey Fire

The shelter-in-place at Pepperdine University has been lifted after flames surrounding the campus were extinguished; classes and events remain cancelled – KSBY

The Woolsey fire has now burned over 70,000 acres, destroying 150 homes, and forcing the evacuation of 250,000 people – KCAL

2 people have been arrested for looting in Ventura County, California, which was evacuated due to the Woolsey Fire; more than 200 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to secure the zone  – KABC

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