Florida Principal Accused of Stealing Hundreds from Mentally Handicapped 9-Year-Old

An elementary school principal is accused of stealing $900 from a 9-year-old that is mentally handicapped.

Police say that the child brought some of his parent’s money to school one day, which was taken by his teachers, counted, and brought to the principal’s office to be retrieved by the parents. However, when they arrived, they found only $1,200 of the $2,100 that had been taken by the child.

Subsequent investigation by police showed that Edward John Abernathy stole the $900 difference. He was arrested and booked into jail and has been placed on administrative leave as the school district investigates the incident.

Source: Principal accused of stealing $900 from 9-year-old, who deputies say is mentally handicapped – abcactionnews.com WFTS-TV

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