Woman Accused of Shooting at Parents After They Wouldn’t Change the T.V. Channel

A woman in Macon, Georgia, is accused of shooting at her parents after her father refused to change the channel from a University of Georgia football game.

Tambria Chaprii Palmer, 28, opened fire on her parents after a culmination of events ended with her father refusing to change the T.V. channel. The man told investigators that began cussing at him and tried to hit him in the face.

Palmer then went to her room and began loading a handgun. When her father went to check on her, she fired a shot at him, missing. She then chased then with the gun outside, continuing to take shots. Eventually she ran out of ammo and threw the gun into a hedge.

Police responded to reports of an “active shooter” but found her without the firearm. She was taken into custody and charged with six counts of aggravated assault, 4 counts of cruelty to children and one count of reckless conduct.

Source: UGA football TV game leads to gunfire in Milledgeville | The Telegraph

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