Evicted Missouri Man Leaves Behind 7-Foot Alligator, Multiple Snakes; Vows to “Fight to get him back”

A man that was evicted in Kansas City, Missouri, allegedly left behind a 200 pound alligator, as well as 3 snakes and a rabbit.

Now, Sean Casey says that he will “fight” to get back the alligator, who he named “Catfish.” The man says that the gator behaves more “like a dog,” than the typical predator, and was afraid of thunderstorms.

Casey was evicted from the home, which is owned by his grandmother, after her trustee kicked him out.

“I don’t have anything good to say about the man, so I probably shouldn’t say anything at all, but he’s doing my family wrong,” Casey told WDAF.

Source: ‘He’s like a dog’: Owner of 7-foot alligator found in home vows to get his pet back | FOX6Now.com

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