11-Year-Old Charged With Putting Needles in Halloween Candy

A North Carolina child is facing felony charges after police say the 11-year-old allegedly put sewing needles in Halloween candy. FOX 8 reported that deputies responded to a call on Halloween that a 12-year-old child suffered minor injuries after eating a candy bar with a sewing needle in it.

A second candy bar with a sharp object was also found in the victim’s candy stash. Another incident was reported on Thursday and that child’s family had also been trick-or-treating in the same neighborhood. An investigation led authorities to an 11-year-old child who was visiting relatives. The suspect was referred to juvenile court and a mentl healt evaluation was recommended. The suspect faces charges of distribution of food with a foreign object.

Source: 11-year-old North Carolina child faces felony charges for allegedly putting needles in Halloween candy | myfox8.com


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