Transgender Woman Claims She was Forced to Show Genitals and Shower with Men During Multiple Arrests

Valerie Jackson, 32, a transgender woman from Texas, has filed a a federal lawsuit, claiming that she was forced to show her genitals and shower with men during multiple arrests.

Jackson says that the incident occurred in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In 2016, she was forced to go to an enclosed area an expose her breasts to an officer after being listed as a female.

In the next incident, an officer reportedly asked her if she had a sex change including “down there.” At some point she was then ordered to pull down her pants and underwear to expose herself to several officers and a jail officer from Dallas County. From the information they gathered, they placed her in the male section for her “protection,” where she was subsequently harassed by other inmates.

Source: Transgender woman says she was forced to show genitals and shower with men during arrests

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