Man Dies 8 Years After His Friends Dared Him to Eat a Garden Slug

An Australian man has died 8 years after his friends dared him to eat a slug.

Sam Ballard reportedly was spending time with some friends while drinking red wine. His friends then dared him to eat a garden slug that they saw crawling along. Ballard did it, and began to feel pain in both of his legs. He soon after fell into a coma that lasted for more than a year.

By eating the slug, Ballard acquired rat lungworm, which can be transferred to slugs that eat rat feces. This led to a form of meningitis that spiraled his health downward. He ended up having severe brain injury that left him unable to move his limbs much, and required help eating and going to the bathroom.

Source: Man Dies 8 Years after Friends Dared Him to Eat a Slug | FOX40

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