Breaking News and Developing Stories – November 5, 2018

Action Taken Against USA Gymnastics

The U.S. Olympic Committee has taken action against USA Gymnastics in an attempt to revoke them as a national governing body – AP

Under Armour Employees No Longer Allowed to Expense Strip Clubs

Under Armour has announced that employees in their company will no longer be allowed to expense trips to the strip club.

In an email to employees, the company announced that their previous policy that allowed employees to expense strip club trips when entertaining clients. (CNBC)

Amazon to Split HQ2 Amongst 2 Cities Evenly

Amazon is expected to split their new headquarters into two cities evenly, with 25,000 employees in each city.

The move, which is expected to be announced later this week, was done, the company says, because no one city had the tech talent to hold the headquarter. (CNBC)

Facebook Refuses to Run Trump Immigration Ad

Facebook has reportedly refused to show an immigration ad put out by President Trump that focuses on an undocumented immigrant who was deported multiple times before returning once more and killing 2 police officers.

The advertisement has also been pulled by Fox News, CNN, and NBC. “This ad violates Facebook’s advertising policy against sensational content so we are rejecting it. While the video is allowed to be posted on Facebook, it cannot receive paid distribution,” a Facebook spokesperson said. (The Hill)

Pentagon Rejects Detention Facilities at the Border

The Pentagon reportedly rejected the idea of building detention facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border after Trump administration officials brought up the idea.

Military officials say that the only outstanding requests they have for building housing is for Customs and Border Patrol Agents and that there are no plans for building detention facilities. (Reuters)


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