Advocacy Groups Calls for People with Down Syndrome to be Added to the Endangered Species List

Then Canadian Down Syndrome Society has called for people with Down syndrome to be added to the international endangered species list.

The group says that they have launched the controversial campaign in order to raise awareness of the struggles that people with Down syndrome face. The non-profit organization is applying to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to have people with Down syndrome become the first humans added to the Red List of over 27,000 endangered species.

The group argues that they should be entitled to the same funding and protections afforded to those already covered under the list, as there have been 30% fewer children born with Down syndrome against projections.

“Because of this, the Down syndrome community has less of a voice in the world today, resulting in a lack of housing, education and funding for a community that desperately needs support,” the CDSS said in a release.

Source: Advocacy group wants people with Down syndrome added to endangered species list – CityNews Toronto

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