Woman Gets Stuck in Bathtub for 5 Days

A postal worker and neighbors discovered a Michigan woman who was stuck in her bathtub for five days. Alison Gibson sat down in the tub on Oct. 15 and couldn’t get back up because her handrail was out of reach.

“When I get down there, I couldn’t get back out,” Gibson said. “Because the handrail was behind me, I couldn’t get myself turned around to get a hold of it, that I usually use to get out.” She left her cell phone in another room and she lives alone. Gibson spent Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday alone waiting to be rescued. Gibson drank bathwater when she became thirsty.

Around 11 a.m. Friday a postal worker became concerned when her mail starting to pile up. Gibson spent four days in a local hospital, but she was released after doctors found no major health issues.


Source: Woman stuck in bath tub for 5 days; postal worker, neighbors credited in rescue – ABC15 Arizona

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