Mother Claims She Fatally Shot Son, Injured 2 Daughters to ‘Save’ Them From Abusive Father

An Oklahoma woman accused of killing her 18-year-old son and wounding her two teenage daughters claimed she shot her children in their heads as they slept to protect them from their abusive father, authorities said Friday.

Amy Leann Hall, 38, shot her son, Kayson Toliver in his bed early Thursday morning, the County Sheriff’s Office said. He was found dead when police arrived at the home near Tulsa. After shooting her son, Hall then shot a 16-year-old daughter in her head while she slept. The girl remained in serious condition Friday.

A 14-year-old daughter managed to escape into a bathroom. The girl told her mother “it was OK,”  and was able to take a pistol from her. Hall claimed she was trying to “save” her children from their abusive father, the station reported. She said she also intended to kill herself. Police are continuing to investigate a motive.

Source: TRIPLE SHOOTING: Three teens shot | FOX23


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