A Florida woman has been arrested after she reportedly used an alarm clock to stab her boyfriend.

Briana Rice, 36, was charged with domestic battery after the attack on her boyfriend. When police arrived, Rice tried to deny that any physical altercation had occurred.. However, upon interviewing the boyfriend, police discovered that she had stabbed him in the arm using an alarm clock and hit him over the head.

Her boyfriend says that Rice was intoxicated at the time and “just went crazy.”

Source: Deputies: Bunnell woman uses alarm clock to stab boyfriend


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  1. I’m not sure you understand what the word “Stabbed” means.
    Also, when copying other sources, double check. The police never said she stabbed him in the arm WITH the alarm clock, just that she “Stabbed him in the arm, then attacked him with alarm clock” “They found lump on his head” … though can’t entirely blame you. The original source’s headline said “stabbed with alarm clock” too… though that’s misleading as shit, and only technically “true” because she was in possession of an alarm clock when she stabbed him.

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