BREAKING: Fatalities Reported After Wall Collapse at Amazon Fulfillment Center in Baltimore

Two people have died in a partial building collapse at an Amazon Fulfillment Center in southeast Baltimore, officials said Saturday. One of the confirmed dead is an adult male.

Brandon McBride, an employee who was working in the building at the time, described the chaos to WBAL when the building collapsed. “I was standing inside the building and me and one of the facilities dudes were talking, and I went to the left side of the building and he went to the right, and all of a sudden, we just heard these loud noises. The power shut off. It was just crazy inside,” McBride told the station. “It just sounded like bombs were dropping everywhere. The whole side (of the building) was just dropping.”

Severe weather came through the area Friday night at the time of the partial collapse, Clark said. But fire officials have not determined a cause.

Source: 2 dead in partial building collapse at Baltimore Amazon warehouse

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