Daycare Accused of Hosting “Fight Club” for Preschoolers

A daycare in St. Louis, Missouri, is accused of hosting a “fight club” for preschoolers in their care.

Two teachers at the daycare have been fired after the children in their care were seen on video fighting one another with encouragement from the adults. The video was taken by a 10-year-old boy that heard his little brother crying from an adjacent room.

Cameras inside the daycare revealed at least 30 minutes of several preschoolers fighting each other with the teachers egging them on. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services say that since the incident, they’ve documented “26 wide-ranging violations” at the daycare.

The two teachers seen on video have since been fired.

Source: St. Louis Daycare Hosted ‘Fight Club’ for Preschoolers | News Blog

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