Florida Man Accused of Attacking Gay Tourists Over Speedos

A Florida man and his wife were arrested after they reportedly attacked gay tourists off of Wisteria Island.

Christopher Thomas John Yarema, 43, faces charges of aggravated assault and causing property damage, while Stephanie Lynn Burnham, 35, faces charges of battery and causing property damage. The victims, two gay men from California, were on the island near their rented boat and dinghy. As the men prepared to leave, the couple approached them and began to berate them.

Yarema is accused of yelling several slurs at the two, and punched one of the men before they were able to leave. Burnham also hit the same man over the head with a boat oar. They were then able to escape, eventually radioing the Coast Guard to help them.

Source: Key West couple attacked gay tourists off Wisteria Island,…

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