Woman Regrets Having Belly Button Removed

A woman who had her belly button removed in an act of revenge against her estranged family now regrets the operation. After the surgery, she sent the belly button to her then-boyfriend as a “present.”

Paulina Casillas Landeros, 23, from Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico, became estranged from her family after they disapproved of her life. They were not happy with her tattoos and extreme body modifications. Annoyed they didn’t approve of her lifestyle, she decided to remove her belly button out of spite, as it is “what makes us human”. She then gave it as a gift to her then-boyfriend in 2015.

Since having her belly button removed three years ago, though, Landeros has made up with her family and ultimately regrets her decision, describing it as “reckless and impulsive”.

Source: Woman has her belly button removed and sends it to her boyfriend as a gift because she wanted to break all connection with her mum

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