BREAKING: Active Shooter Reported at Synagogue in Pittsburgh

Police from across the city of Pittsburgh responding to an active shooting situation at The Tree of Life Synagogue.  KDKA is reporting that 11 people are confirmed dead. Several others were injured, including 4 police officers, 2 of which are in critical condition.

A suspect has surrendered. The SWAT team has been talking with the suspect, and he was crawling and injured. The suspect is still alive and was shouting “all of these Jews need to die.” When officers arrived the gunman reportedly shot at them, forcing officers to use their vehicles as a shield.

Two police officers were reportedly shot. The suspect is identified as a 46-year-old Robert Bowers, a well-known White Supremacist figure on social media. Bowers had previously posted on social media about his disdain for Jewish people. He was shot in the torso and is currently at a nearby hospital.

The FBI is currently involved with the shooting, as it is being investigated as a hate crime. Earlier this morning, Bowers reportedly posted the following on social media, per KDKA-TV: “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered, screw the optics, I’m going in.”

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