Man Found Waving Rubber Band Gun and Quacking Like a Duck Outside Arby’s and a Gas Station in Omaha, Nebraska

A man in Omaha, Nebraska, has pleaded guilty to trespassing after he was found outside a gas station waving a rubber band gun and quacking.

He was sentenced to one day in jail and required to pay court fees. An officer was dispatched after customers at a Bucky’s stated that he was pointing the rubber band gun at them and quacking. He was found at the Arby’s, where he directed them to a Pilot truck stop where he hid the rubber band gun.

“(The man) told officers he was shooting the rubber bands at birds and did not comment when asked about ‘quacking like a duck,’” investigators said.

Source: Police: Omaha man was waving rubber band gun and quacking like a duck outside Bluffs Arby’s | Council Bluffs |

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