Man Allegedly Plotted on Internet to Kill and Eat Underage Girl

A Texas man was arrested in an undercover sting that revealed he allegedly wanted to kill and eat a little girl, authorities said. Alexander Nathan Barter, 21, was arrested Friday after reportedly posting on the dark web looking for help with his plan.

An undercover agent posing as a parent responded and offered his underage daughter to Barter, who expressed interest in raping and killing the girl. Barter reportedly replied to the officer saying, “Nice! I’m in East Texas. How old is your daughter? Can we kill her?”  As Barter was leaving his house for the meet-up, authorities arrested him outside his residence, according to KTRE.

He was booked at Shelby County Jail on charges including attempted capital murder and attempted sexual performance of a child.

Source: Affidavit: Texas man arrested for plan to murder, cannibalize girl | News |



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