Surfer Off of Nude Beach Headbutts Shark, Fights it off by Throwing Punches

An Australian surfer is recovering after he reportedly headbutted a shark and fought it off by throwing punches at the animal.

The surfer was attacked by the shark while he was surfing off the coast of a nude beach. The man says that he saw the shark on approach, and ducked under a deeper wave to headbutt it. The shark managed to get ahold of his arm, so he continuously punched it until it let go. He managed to get to shore and went to a hospital, requiring 20 stitches.

He says he holds no ill-will towards the shark, stating that, “I was in his world. He was just going about his business and I headbutted him so he retaliated.”

Source: Surfer headbutts shark near nude beach, fights it off with punches

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