Student Takes Microwave to School to Carry Books after School bans bags

A student in Spalding, England, reportedly took a microwave to school to ban the Spalding Grammar School’s ban on bags.

The 17-year-old was protesting the new rule, which was implemented to protect younger students from getting hurt. The school suspended him over the protest, which also involved bringing various other objects to school.

He says he is protesting the change, not because he disagrees that the bags being swung around has injured students, but rather that outright banning the bags altogether was too harsh of an action. He put forward these sentiments through a 3,000 word essay that he submitted to his head teacher.

The ban states: “Bags of any size may be used to bring books and kit to and from school, but bags are not permitted in lessons during the day. Pupils are encouraged to carry books by hand for a maximum of two lessons at a time.”

Source: School boy takes MICROWAVE to school to carry books after school bans bags – Lincolnshire Live

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