Man Hits Dog With Hammer for Eating Steak

The Utah man who allegedly hit his girlfriend’s dog, Temper, “multiple times” with a hammer after it snatched food off his dinner plate has been charged. In August, Stanley Jocelyn, 50, reportedly set his dinner plate on a living room table. Shortly after, his girlfriend’s dog “ate the steak off his plate,” Fox 13 reported.

Jocelyn made a move towards Temper and the dog bit him. Jocelyn then repeatedly struck Temper in the head with a hammer, a probable cause statement read. The dog underwent surgery for a “crushing injury to his skull,” as the dog had a large wound on his skull, veterinarians said. Jocelyn was charged Friday with torture of a companion animal.

Source: Police: Salt Lake City man charged after hitting dog multiple times with hammer for eating steak |

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