Flight Attendant Accused of Stealing $5,000 From Passengers

An Emirates crew member has been accused of stealing 18,500 Dirhams ($5,036) from three brothers in business class during a flight from Thailand to Dubai.  Gulf News reported that the men left their belongings unattended after going to check on their father, who fell ill mid-flight.

After returning to their seats, the men noticed the missing money. They notified the cabin supervisor and the police conducted an investigation.

Authorities charged a 37-year-old Egyptian flight attendant with the theft after matching his fingerprints to those lifted from one of the men’s wallets. He pleaded not guilty during his appearance in a Dubai Court Wednesday despite the fact that a police corporal claimed the suspect admitted to taking the money.

Source: Airline steward stole Dh18,500 from 3 brothers on plane | GulfNews.com


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