Woman Suffocates Mother and Sets Her on Fire After Argument

A Florida woman angry with her mother entered her bedroom and placed a bag over her head before watching her boyfriend and his brother light her body on fire, police said.

Police said they received on Wednesday to check on a woman living in a South Miami-Dade home. When they arrived, they could not get in and the woman’s daughter, Sasha Gonzalez, arrived and let them in. Police found burnt clothing in the front yard and bones in a trash bin in the front of the home, the Miami Herald reported. Police determined that the 29-year-old and her boyfriend, 30-year-old Yancel Castillo, were behind the crime, police said.

The couple told police that Gonzalez’s mother was angry at them because Castillo’s brother stayed at the home against her wishes.

Source: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article220171930.html

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