Woman Allegedly Gives Boy Detox Drug So She Could Use His Urine

A Virginia woman is facing charges after she allegedly drugged a 10-year-old boy so she could use his urine to pass a drug test. Katie Hinkley allegedly gave her boyfriend’s son Suboxone, commonly used to treat adults addicted to opioids, earlier this month, The Roanoke Times reported.

In order to renew her prescription for the drug, Hinkley needed urine that showed she was taking Suboxone and no illegal substances. The boy became sick at school one day after taking Suboxone. Hinkley is facing two counts of distributing a Schedule III drug to a minor, according to the newspaper, which added she could face 10 to 50 years in prison for each count if convicted.

Source: Radford woman charged with giving 10-year-old Suboxone – so she could collect his urine | Crime | roanoke.com

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