Those Over the Age of 12 Could Face Jail Time for Trick-Or-Treating in Several Virginia Towns

According to the town codes in several areas of Virginia, those above the age of 12 that are caught trick-or-treating could face jail time.

In Chesapeake, if you are above the age of 13, you could face up to 6 months in jail if you are caught, as well as fines ranging from $25 to $100. In several other towns, those above the age of 12 can face various criminal penalties.

The codes also state that “no accompanying parent or guardian shall wear a mask of any type.” In addition to these possible penalties, anyone out hunting for candy after 8 p.m. could face 30 days in jail.

Source: Trick-or-treating can send anyone over 12 to jail in Virginia towns | WSET

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