Hundreds of Tons of Human Body Parts and Waste Stockpiled in U.K.

According to documents from the NHS in the United Kingdom, hundreds of tons of amputated human body parts and waste have been stockpiled.

A disposal company contracted by the NHS reportedly stockpiled the waste and body parts due to a lack of adequate incineration disposal equipment. The unsanitary and unsustainable levels are now being monitored by the NHS, who say that the body parts composed a very small portion of the stockpile.

They are now working to ensure the parts are refrigerated until proper disposal can be attained. They also say that the aging incineration equipment is partially to blame for the incident. “There is absolutely no risk to the health of patients or the wider public,” a government spokesperson told CNN.

Source: Hundreds of tons of human body parts and surgical waste are being stockpiled in the UK |

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