BREAKING: Florida Man Reportedly Threatened Widespread Rampage, Threatening to Kill Hundreds; “It’ll be a devastating day for America.”

A Tampa Bay, Florida, man was arrested after reportedly threatening a massive AR-15 rampage, which he said would have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people.

Blake Dudkewic, who reportedly suffers from several mental issues, made the threat through several posts on social media. In these posts, he also threatened his father, who police say is alive and well. He was eventually taken into custody when police found his vehicle at a motel in the Tampa Bay area.

It is not clear if Dudkewic had the means to follow through on his plans, but he has been taken into protective custody and police plan to charge him with making written threats to kill.

Source: Deputies: Man threatened “devastating” AR-15 rampage – Story | FOX 13 Tampa Bay

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