“Stairway to Heaven” Copyright Lawsuit to Go Back to Trial

Led Zeppelin has been ordered to go back to trial in their “Stairway to Heaven” copyright lawsuit, according to a San Francisco federal appeals court.

The 9th Circuit of Appeals reversed a 2016 decision that declared that the famous rock band did not infringe copyright in the into of their highly acclaimed “Stairway to Heaven.” The claim was first filed by the trust of Randy Wolfe, better known as Randy California, who wrote “Taurus,” a song by the band Spirit.

The court panel that overturned the 2016 ruling held that parts of the jury instructions in that trial were erroneous and prejudicial. The appeals court also found that the U.S. district court that decided the first trial abused its discretion by not allowing recordings of “Taurus” to be played during the proceedings.

Source: Led Zeppelin ordered to go back on trial in ‘Stairway to Heaven’ copyright lawsuit

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