Woman Loses Tens of Thousands of Dollars in “Bruce Springsteen” Money Scam

A Chicago woman was scammed out of hundreds of dollars, and an additional $11,500 after a fake Bruce Springsteen account coaxed her into giving them money.

The women, whose identity is not revealed for her protection, says that she was messaged by the fake Springsteen after posting on a Springsteen fan page. The scammer began talking to her, forming a “flirty” relationship, even saying he was going to divorce his wife.

Eventually he began asking for money in the form of iTunes gift cards, which she obliged. She then ended up sending over $10,000 to him via MoneyGram, Western union, and a cashiers check to someone in DuBai, after “Springsteen” said he needed to transfer gold.

Source: Fans Scammed Out Of Millions Of Dollars By Fake Celebrity Accounts « CBS Chicago

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