Woman Steals Ambulance While Medics Perform CPR on Patient

An Oregon woman charged with stealing an ambulance last Sunday while paramedics performed CPR on an unconscious woman had one question after her arrest, according to a report. “Why did they leave it unlocked?,” suspect Christy Lynn Woods, 37, of Roseburg, asked, according to The Oregonian. The medics, who needed to take their patient to the hospital, returned to find their emergency vehicle missing.

Woods led the police on a high-speed chase for nearly 30 miles, reaching a speed of 85 mph, the newspaper reported. She was booked on 13 charges, including assault, interfering with paramedics, criminal mischief and reckless driving, the Oregonian reported.

The condition of the unconscious woman being assisted by the paramedics was unknown.

Source: Oregon woman steals ambulance as medics perform CPR, goes on wild 30-mile joyride, cops say | OregonLive.com

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