Woman Arrested After Assaulting Security Guard Using a Pigeon Filled Fanny Pack

Police in Fairfax County, New York, say that a woman was arrested after assaulting a security guard.

The assault reportedly occurred at the Social Security Administration office.56-year-old Laurie Weaver was yelling inside of the office when she was approached by the security guard. Once approached, she began to swing and hit the guard with her fanny pack. She was promptly escorted out, when she then decided to threaten the guard with a knife.

When police arrived, they searched her and her fanny pack, finding a small pigeon inside of the pack. Weaver was charged with attempted unlawful wounding for attacking the guard.

The pigeon is not believed to have been harmed.

Source: New York Woman arrested for assaulting security guard with pigeon-packed fanny pack

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