Woman Used Her Own Waste in Attempt to Evade Arrest

A woman is behind bars in Madison County, Kentucky, after reportedly releasing her bowels on a deputy. The Madison County Sheriff says 26-year-old Amanda Peters had given the deputy a false name. When he determined who Peters really was, he was able to track her down. The citation continues saying Peters had locked herself in the bathroom in an attempt to resist arrest.

When the Deputy got into the bathroom, the citation says Peters continued to resist arrest, and “intentionally released her bowels in an upward motion and with purposeful direction at this Deputy, causing bodily waste to land on the face, arms, and legs of this Deputy.”

Peters was charged with identity theft, giving false identifying information, resisting arrest, and assault.

Source: Police: KY woman ‘released her bowels’ to resist arrest, assault officer | 13 WTHR Indianapolis

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