Florida Prisoner Kills Cellmate, Gouges Out Eyes, Wears Ear on Necklace

A prisoner in Florida killed his cellmate, gouged out his eyes, and wore his ear as a necklace with prison guards not noticing until the following day, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Sources told the publication that the unnamed inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution strangled to death his 58-year-old cellmate Larry Mark on Thursday morning, for “pestering” him.

He then removed Marks’ eyeballs and cut off his ear. The prisoner put the ear on a string around his neck, and showed it off to several other prisoners before breakfast, according to the report.

He left the eyeballs in a cup in the cell, telling other prisoners he intended to eat or drink them later.

Source: Florida prisoner kills cellmate, gouges out eyes, wears ear on necklace, sources say | Tampa Bay Times


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