Tens of Thousands of Dollars Worth of Supplies Stolen from Ohio Animal Shelter

Around $20,000 worth of supplies, including $15,000 of dog food, have been stolen from an animal shelter in Ohio.

The charity, called All Dogs go to Heaven, says that they will have to start declining new dogs seeking shelter because of the lack of supplies, they first time in their history that they will turn down an animal. “When we came into the building, every unopened bag of food had been taken,” owner Margaret Coplen said. “Every dog bed, every crate, every bit of flea and tick medication, leashes, collars — everything that was in new or retail condition.”

The owners of the shelter say that they believe they know who took the supplies, and are allowing them to return it all with no questions asked, if they desire. Meanwhile, they are asking for donations to help care for the animals already in their care.

Source: Dog food — $15,000 of it — stolen from animal-focused Ohio charity – 10News.com KGTV-TV San Diego

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