Crack Pipe Vending Machines Pop-Up in New York

Officials on Long Island, New York, are trying to figure out who placed three potential crack pipe vending machines, dubbed as “pen vending machines.” The town of Brookhaven received complaints about the machines over the weekend. Two of them, one of which was partially destroyed by vandals, were removed.

The blue and white vending machines, which featured the words “Pens” on the outside in black and red font, were mounted in cement into the ground and dispensed a small glass tube and a filter. Included was the top of a pen, which could be put into the glass tube to form a pen, along with an ink tube.

The “pens” cost $2 each, and the machines would accept the payment in the form of eight quarters. Police will decide if the machines warrant criminal charges.

Source: Crack pipe vending machines mysteriously appear, angering residents of New York county | Q13 FOX News

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