Woman Burns Baby Alive, Goes to Work at IHOP

A Louisiana mother said her child had been kidnapped.  According to newly-released court records, the mother and another woman are responsible for burning the child alive, the other woman went straight to her shift at IHOP, The Town Talk newspaper reported.

Hanna Barker, the 23-year-old mother, called 911 around 9 p.m. on July 17 to report that two kidnappers had taken her child from her home in Natchitoches, Louisiana. When authorities went to investigate, they found a 6-month-old child severely burned, police said.

Another woman, Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith, 26, took the child from Barker’s trailer and traveled a mile away, where she soaked the baby in gasoline and then lit him on fire before heading to her shift at IHOP before The child was rushed in critical condition to a hospital and then airlifted to another but died of the injuries.

Source: Indictment: Natchitoches woman set baby on fire, went to work

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