Amendment to City Code Asks Police to Begin Ignoring Public Sex

An amendment to the city code of Guadalajara, Mexico, has asked the police to begin ignoring cases of people having sex in public.

Supporters of the change in policy say that it will help stem a growing trend of bribe-hungry police officers that use the crime as a mean of getting money out of people. While it is still an offense to have sex in public, officers are now required to only enforce it if they receive a 3rd party request that it makes them uncomfortable.

“Sometimes they’re not even having sex in public, just kissing or things like that. But (police) do it to get money, to take advantage of this,” a student was quoted as saying. “So I think it’s good that now they have to have proof that someone was really doing something bad to have to take them away.”

Source: Mexican city of Guadalajara asks police to ignore sex in public – CityNews Toronto

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