Grisly Photo Delays Hawaiian Airlines Flight

A 15-year-old girl sharing a grisly mock crime scene photo from one of her high school classes with her mother caused a Hawaii-bound flight to return to the gate Friday morning when the photo went out to other passengers, authorities said.

The teenager and her mother were not allowed to continue on when Hawaiian Airlines Flight 23 to Maui departed, Oakland Airport spokeswoman Keonnis Taylor said. They instead were rebooked on a flight on Saturday, she said. Deputies first received reports about the incident around 7:20 a.m. Kelly said the girl used her phone’s AirDrop app to send a mock crime scene photo of a body used in her med-biology class to her mom sitting next to her.

The picture ended up on nearby phones on the plane. Those passengers alerted flight attendants, who showed the image to the pilots. The captain made the decision to notify authorities and return to the gate, Kelly said.

This was the same flight that made an emergency landing after the release of pepper spray.

Source: Grisly Photo, Pepper Spray Plague Flight from Oakland to Maui « CBS San Francisco


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