At Least a Dozen Dead in Mysterious Cases at Mississippi Prisons

At least 12 inmates have died at Mississippi prisons in the past months, with no indication of how many of them died.

Last week a statement was issued by the CDC that public officials are aware of 10 deaths and believe that they may have been natural causes, however autopsies have yet to be conducted. Since the statement, two more inmates have died, and the deaths are under investigation.

The youngest death at the facilities was 33-years-old, whereas the oldest was 70. In one of the cases, one of the inmates reportedly complained to his fellow inmates about having trouble breathing, and when he tried to tell correction officers, they reportedly ignored him and told him to get away from the guard tower. 57-year-old murder convict Albert McGee died at South Mississippi Correctional Institution in Leakesville.

Source: 12 Mississippi inmates die in custody this month – CNN

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