Monkey Bites Child at Restaurant

A 9-month-old Capuchin monkey named Jojo used to enjoy Mondays at Carrabbas restaurant in Stuart, Florida, until she bit a boy who was holding her hand. The monkey’s owners, Mary and Richard Van Houten, bring Jojo and another monkey to the restaurant weekly to eat on the outside patio.

On July 16, Joseph Ignelzi, who was petting Jojo as she sat in her high chair, insisted his son Jaxson pet the monkey, even though her owner warned that the monkey was “being hyper.” Jojo was caressing the boy’s hand, brought it to her mouth and was nibbling on it when something startled her and she bit down.

The owners of Carrabbas said they would no longer allow monkeys on their patio.

Source: Carrabba’s restaurant bans monkeys after bite at FL chain | Miami Herald

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