Man Charged With Shooting Women Drivers

A Texas man is accused of randomly shooting at female drivers because he doesn’t believe they should be allowed to drive. Nicholas D’Agostino, 29, allegedly confessed to targeting at least five women in road rage shootings in Katy, Texas.

D’Agostino faces multiple charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after two of the women he allegedly targeted in the separate incidents were hit by bullets. D’Agostino was initially arrested after a shooting in July in which he shot at a woman’s vehicle because he claimed she was swerving into his lane.

The victim was shot in the arm and the bullet became lodged just millimeters from her heart. While in prison, D’Agostino allegedly told investigators that he had shot at a total of five different female drivers.

Investigators said the cases showed D’Agostino had a “very dim view of women.”

Source: Nicholas D’Agostino, suspect accused of opening fire at Katy mom, back behind bars for separate shooting incident |

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