Doctor Accused of Killing Wife and Child With Gas Filled Yoga Ball

An anesthesiologist is on trial in Hong Kong charged with killing his wife and daughter by placing a leaking yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide in their car.  Khaw Kim-sun, 53, was allegedly having an affair and had become estranged from his wife and four children, although they continued to live together.

Khaw is accused of putting the gas-filled yoga ball in the trunk of a Mini Cooper driven by his wife, Wong Siew-fung, on May 22, 2015, the paper said.

It said Wong and their 16-year-old daughter were found unconscious in the car about an hour after leaving home and were later declared dead from severe carbon monoxide poisoning.  Khaw was arrested in September and his trial began Wednesday. He has pleaded not guilty.

Source: Indonesian maid lifts lid on complicated life of Hong Kong family in yoga ball killings, as pathologist’s testimony reduces accused professor to tears | South China Morning Post

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