Volkswagen Accused of Ruining Crops with Weather-Altering Technology

Volkswagen has slowed usage of their “hail cannon” after claims from local farmers in Mexico that it was causing a dry spell.

Volkswagen uses the “hail cannon,” which sends a sonic boom into the air to break up potential hail that would damage cars, frequently at their Mexico plant. However, they now say that they will slow this practice to appease their neighbors.

In a statement, Volkswagen said that there is no evidence that the cannon causes less rainfall, but are doing it solely out of respect for the farmers.

Mike Eggers, the owner of a hail cannon manufacturer in New Zealand, says that the technology is often incorrectly blamed for stopping rain.

“In reality, the technology isn’t around rain, it’s around hail. And there’s a difference. A substantial difference,” he said.

Hail cannons have long been used by farmers to prevent hail damage to crops.

Source: VW accused of ruining Mexican crops with weather-altering technology

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