Several Shot at ‘Peace Picnic’ in Chicago

Three people were shot at a peace picnic being held at a playground in Chicago on Saturday night. A fourth person was beaten up at the event.  The picnic took place at Seward Park on the city’s North Side. It was being held to promote peace and community before a group of young men showed up and started fighting.

“It’s senseless and should have never happened,” event organizer Raymond Hatcher told reporters. “We were doing well. Everything was going swell and then a group of guys who were not associated with us, came to the event intoxicated.”

Trayvon Hatcher, 19, came with his two nephews to the picnic. He said when he heard gunshots, he grabbed his nephews and left. “Everyone was trying to get away,” he told reporters. Hatcher said when he heard the shots, he grabbed his nephews and left.

Source: Chicago ‘peace picnic’ turns violent: 3 people shot, another is beaten | Fox News

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